Contagion: Movie meets Reality

Contagion: Movie meets Reality

09.13.11 | By Erin Mullen

I got a chance to see Contagion over the weekend and I have to say I liked it. As an emergency response professional with a medical background, I watched it with a critical eye to see how they portrayed how a real pandemic might unfold. They got a lot right and did a great job getting the message across about the kinds of threats we face and what America should be doing to better prepare for a real world Contagion.
The friend I saw the movie with could tell I was critiquing minute by minute and sensed what I wouldn't readily admit. Yes, I would have loved to play a role in the movie alongside Matt Damon and Gwenyth Paltrow! Since I'm not an actor, I conceded to my friend that they'd have to find the right actor to portray me he thought Jamie Lee Curtis would be the perfect stand-in since I'm a six foot tall redhead. How could I argue with that?
But, in all seriousness, the movie made me proud of Rx Response and how this PhRMA-inspired program has brought together the key players in the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain to work together and be well prepared for exactly the kind of scenario portrayed in Contagion.
If I was in Contagion, or someone playing my part was, you'd get a great look at how our bio-pharmaceutical supply system would function in a real world plague. We'd be working continuously with our supply chain partners to keep the channels of communication open. We'd also be on the phone with our government partners, if not with them in their emergency operations centers, keeping them fully informed while working overtime to address any obstacles to the flow of medicines and vaccines.
With the sobering possibilities of Contagion still fresh in my mind, I'm happy to be out of the theater and working on improving Rx Response and biopharmaceutical research sector preparedness for whatever real world disasters might confronts us.

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