Countdown to #PhRMA13

Countdown to #PhRMA13

04.02.13 | By

Next week, we will convene leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry, the patient community, academia and beyond to discuss how we can all work together to advance research, progress and hope for the millions of patients who rely on innovative medicines. This year's meeting is taking place in San Diego and will feature a live conversation via the Catalyst, a dedicated meeting page, #PhRMA13 on Twitter, our Facebook page and across other online channels so that anyone who wants to join is able to weigh in with thoughts and ideas. Hosting the meeting in San Diego is fitting because both the city and region have evolved as a biotechnology innovation hub. This will be the focus of one panel discussion, specifically how other regions can learn from San Diego's success. Speakers and participants will also focus on the current state of biopharmaceutical research, how technological advances can and will change how health care is delivered, and how patient engagement is critical to improving health outcomes. As an industry, we want to hear experts address a number of different things including:

  • How we can continue evolving research and development to best serve patient needs
  • What are the promises and challenges of personalized medicines
  • What the biopharmaceutical sector can achieve by utilizing health 2.0 developments to advance innovation and deliver new breakthroughs for patients, payers and physicians
  • How health system reform will affect patient engagement

We hope that you can join the conversation by posting a comment below or weighing in via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #PhRMA13. We will outline our detailed plans soon, but please let us know if you have thoughts or input beforehand. We're looking forward to sharing our insights and hearing your feedback as we get ready to kick off this year's meeting.


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