Don't Put Patients' Lives in Play

Don't Put Patients' Lives in Play

04.21.11 | By

As we've noted in previous blog posts, counterfeit medicines are becoming more prevalent around the world. Many foreign countries have been experiencing an influx of counterfeit drugs because they have a weaker regulatory regime compared to the U.S. and/or open drug supply system. In the U.S., however, our closed drug supply system has helped shield patients from the dangerous worldwide counterfeit medicines epidemic.

Unfortunately, in recent remarks about his deficit proposal, President Obama suggested that we should consider opening up our drug supply system to foreign medicines - increasing the possibility that counterfeit drugs could enter our drug supply chain. Numerous independent studies suggest that this could put patients' lives at risk and wouldn't result in consumers saving money.

I urge you to check out a discussion that is taking place today at noon EDT (11 a.m. CDT/9 a.m. PDT) on The Los Angeles Times website about the worldwide counterfeit medicine threat and what biopharmaceutical research companies and the law enforcement community are doing to stop this dangerous, growing problem.

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