Double Check Your Medicine Storage - It's Poison Prevention Week

Double Check Your Medicine Storage - It's Poison Prevention Week

03.21.13 | By

This week is Poison Prevention Week, and a new article by Deborah Blum on highlights why this stuff matters: 87 deaths per day.

That's a scary number, and the newest CDC report on point notes that accidental poisonings are now causing greater fatalities than auto accidents.

We lock our cars to prevent our children from getting in them without our knowledge. We store our bleach and cleaning products (or should) safely away from toddlers and pets. But for many households, the safe storage of prescription medicine just isn't on the radar.

Blum referenced a fantastic USA Today report that explained how small children usually get hold of medicine: while the medicine cabinet is often a danger to older kids, for the little ones, they're usually finding pills or bottles on the floor, countertops, sofa's, purses or other easy-to-see spots.

As much good as medicine can do for a patient, it can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands or used incorrectly. Part of the safe use of medicine includes storing it correctly to prevent little hands from finding it, and further, making sure older kids understand the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

If you'd like more information, check out Safe Kids Worldwide new campaign, 'Safe Kids, Safe Storage, Safe Dosing'. In particular, I liked their infographic which explained the numbers behind young children and poisoning by ingesting medicine unsupervised.

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