Equal Opportunity Employers...and Then Some

Equal Opportunity Employers...and Then Some

03.16.11 | By Kate Connors

There was no way I was going to let Grady write this post.

The National Association for Female Executives just came out with its list of the top 50 companies for executive women, and eight of PhRMA's member companies were on the list. That deserves a good amount of pride.

According to NAFE, they named organizations that recognize the benefits "to be reaped by capitalizing on what women bring to the table."

In discussing it with my coworkers, we realized that we aren't very surprised. Next week, PhRMA CEO John Castellani is going to Boston to present the MassBIO Innovative Leadership Award to Deborah Dunsire, the CEO of Millennium: the Takeda Oncology Company and former member of the PhRMA Board of Directors.

Beyond the executive level, many highly recognized researchers throughout the sector are women. In fact, many past honorees of the PhRMA Discoverers Award were women, including (teaser alert!) all of this year's winners.

On The Catalyst, Grady and I talk a lot about the American jobs provided by the biopharmaceutical research sector. And it's a common refrain; at yesterday's Research!America panel, former Representative Mike Castle said, "The bottom line is, you guys are creating jobs."

But it's easy to have a short-sighted view of the depth and breadth of jobs that the sector provides. The NAFE list is a good reminder.

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