A New Resource: FDA Launches Blog

A New Resource: FDA Launches Blog

01.03.12 | By Kate Connors

In case you haven't yet heard, FDA recently launched a blog, FDA Voice, as part of its recent Website redesign. Kicked off by a post from Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, the blog promises to "give you insights on some of the most pressing public health issues of the day."

She also writes: "No matter which stakeholder group you consider yourself a member of - consumer, patient, medical professional, scientist, researcher, or industry - it is our hope that you will find this medium an unparalleled opportunity to get more details directly from the source, like details of an official trip, activities in the lab, or more background information about a policy issue or regulation."

So far, her introductory post has been joined by two others: one about guidance for devices and one about dosage for acetaminophen.

I, for one, will be bookmarking it, and I'll give you fair readers a heads up when something particularly piques my interest.

And of course, happy new year - and welcome to the second year of The Catalyst!

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