Gamers Help Solve HIV/AIDS Question

Gamers Help Solve HIV/AIDS Question

09.22.11 | By

I'm always fascinated by the intersection of science and popular culture - in this case, serious research into finding new treatments to fight HIV/AIDS and gaming. I saw this interesting piece yesterday about how "gamers" helped University of Washington scientists "crack" an HIV/AIDS research puzzle. According to the piece:
"In just three weeks, online gamers deciphered the structure of a retrovirus protein that has stumped scientists for over a decade, and a study out Sunday says their breakthrough opens doors for a new AIDS drug design."
This is a good reminder for us all that technology is changing quickly and brings about new possibilities and new ways of analyzing problems. It also is a story about how breakthrough research is often stimulated by bringing new sets of eyes and new problem-solving approaches to questions. I'll bet there was more than one "gamer" engaged in an "I told you so" moment with parents who had tried to refocus his gaming enthusiasm on boring old school work.

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