Giving Back - and Leading the Way

Giving Back - and Leading the Way

06.02.11 | By Preet Bilinski

Biopharmaceutical companies led to a nearly 18 percent increase in corporate philanthropy in 2010, according to an article published this morning by Reuters.

"The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy poll of 110 companies found they gave $13 billion in cash and products last year as the United States began to emerge from recession," the article says.
Contributions from biopharmaceutical companies were significant, with more than half of the $2 billion increase over the prior year stemming from companies providing medicine to patients in need through their patient assistance programs.
Companies also gave more than their expected disaster budgets, the survey found, as companies went above and beyond in response to disasters such as the Haitian earthquake and floods in Pakistan.
"'One of the reasons we have seen for increased giving across the board has been increased funding to serve basic needs in communities where companies are working, and pharmaceutical companies in particular are in a really important position to do so,'" said Allison Rose, the committee's manager of standards and measurement.
For more information about how America's biopharmaceutical research companies help patients in need, visit the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. A clearinghouse for information about company-sponsored private assistance programs, as well as some public programs, the PPA has helped more than 6 million people learn about the help that is available.
Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

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