Good Stories, Important Messages, Insightful Experts

Good Stories, Important Messages, Insightful Experts

01.20.12 | By

If you've been reading the Catalyst recently, you know we've greatly expanded our pool of authors and the new contributors have brought some amazing insights and perspectives to the many important issues we work on in the biopharmaceutical sector.

It is my good fortune to work with these experts every day. I learn from them and I hope you are as well.

For example:

  • Our intrepid editor, Kate Connors, has explored the many faces of innovation (including PhRMA's new scientific exert Dr. Alesci) and the amazing eradication of polio in India;
  • Karl Uhlendorf highlighted the advances in our battle against cancer and taught us how even the craziest of running styles can help your health; and
  • Jeff Trewhitt continued to share his personal health story and his unparalleled knowledge of our many state policy issues.

And that's just in the past week (and not even everything we covered in that week).

My point is that the Catalyst and our contributors discuss the critical health care issues of our time in real terms, illustrating the benefits of innovative medicines, the challenges we still face and the hope we all have.

I'll be adding my own thoughts on these many issues as we go forward, but I thought the first thing I should do is reflect on and highlight the great work already here on the Catalyst.

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