Happy Shopping: More Part D Plans with Premiums Under $20

Happy Shopping: More Part D Plans with Premiums Under $20

09.26.12 | By

I may be a creature of habit, but I still want options. Needless to say, I was pleased yesterday when I read about an increased number of available Medicare Part D plans with premiums below $20 (the national average is $30). During a budget-conscious time when shopping around for the best price has become standard practice, more options are always a good thing!

The findings from Avalere Health also showed that premiums for some plans increased, but fluctuations are expected from year to year. The big takeaway for me was the importance of seniors weighing their options and choosing the plans that work for their health and finances.

And the timing of this news is impeccable - open enrollment begins in three weeks (October 15). According to the latest Medicare Today survey, 88 percent of seniors say they are satisfied with their coverage under Part D, but for the other 12 percent, open enrollment is their opportunity to find a better fit. CMS has just launched a major redesign of the Medicare.gov website to make navigation more accessible, especially for mobile use, and a good starting point for exploring plans is their Medicare Plan Finder.

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