Here's The Funding!

Here's The Funding!

04.26.11 | By Kate Connors

A few weeks ago, the indomitable Jennifer Windrum, of WTF: Where's The Funding? (for lung cancer), asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I was honored, and saw it as a great opportunity to reach cancer patients who may not know just how much work is going into research and development for new medicines to potentially treat the countless cancers that plague so many Americans. They should know about the work being done, after all, because it is being done in order to give them hope.

In the post, I tried to answer Jen's question about where the funding is - everywhere, from government to the private biopharmaceutical research sector - and also proposed another relevant question: Where's the funding going?

Click over to Jen's blog to read the post, then stay a while to see what else she has to say, both as the daughter of a woman who is battling lung cancer now and as someone who has grown into a staunch advocate for research and development.

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