How Boehringer Ingelheim is "Making More Health"

How Boehringer Ingelheim is "Making More Health"

07.23.12 | By

Today we have a guest post from Marybeth McGuire, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Boehringer Ingelheim.

While Boehringer Ingelheim's business is developing innovative treatments to address unmet medical needs, there are so many other ways in which we can all lead healthier lives. To that end, we asked our employees what they do to "make more health" during an annual celebration called Value Through Innovation Day. Throughout the day, they used finger paints, Scrabble letters, Lego's and white boards to show, in just three words, that making more health goes beyond medicines to a frame of mind.


It's all about the little things - and sometimes big things - that bring more health to patients, families and our communities. The spontaneity and spirit captured in this video speaks to Boehringer Ingelheim's culture. We're proud to show it off and want to pose the question to others: what are you doing to make more health?

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