Hurricane Sandy - Still Lots to Do

Hurricane Sandy - Still Lots to Do

11.02.12 | By

Hurricane Sandy is still a big deal for millions of Americans up and down the eastern seaboard who are digging-out, pumping-out and trying to rebuild their homes, lives and communities. The next few days are critical, especially as emergency crews work to restore key services like power, water and transportation. It is also critical that we not forget Sandy's victims over the next few days. In particular, the hundreds of thousands or more displaced people who might need to fill or refill a prescription for needed medicines.

So, once again, we want to remind everyone to checkout Rx Response's Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool. The website provides real-time information about open pharmacies in storm-affected areas. It is critical that patients who need their medicines have a place to go to get those medicines. Rx Response is playing a crucial role in providing valuable information to patients, medical personnel and emergency managers.

See PhRMA's current statement on Rx Response and Hurricane Sandy here.

See PhRMA president & C.E.O., John J. Castellani's blog here.

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