Increased Biopharma Research Industry Investment in Neglected Disease

Increased Biopharma Research Industry Investment in Neglected Disease

12.12.11 | By

I recommend taking a look at the new G-FINDER: YEAR 4 report on Neglected Disease Research and Development. Unfortunately, the report describes how funding for neglected disease research by governments and many NGOs declined over the last year. The one exception, the report indicates, is that the pharmaceutical research industry's investment in these diseases went up.
In fact, the report notes "a very significant increase in global investment ... from multinational pharmaceuticals (MNCs), which cushioned the impact of cuts in public and philanthropic funding."
The report also noted that the pharmaceutical industry was the top funder of tuberculosis R&D, fifth largest funder of HIV/AIDS R&D, second largest funder of malaria and dengue fever R&D, and third largest for diarrheal diseases. (Rankings of industry investment are provided for other diseases in the report.)
Finally, the report shows that industry investment is likely under-represented as the report does not capture in-kind contributions. (The report does include a table listing the typical types of in-kind contributions that industry provides and lists select company donors.)

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