PhRMA is engaged in the global concerns of innovation, research and development, hoping to support the discovery of new medicines for both common conditions and rare disorders. We work to ensure that the medications our member companies develop reach patients wherever they may be. Also, we inform policymakers and stakeholders about policies that can improve patient access. We strive to underscore the daily work of our member companies to improve people’s health and lives around the world. 

Investing more than $471 million toward new cures and treatments in 2015 alone, the biopharmaceutical industry ranks as one of the largest funders of research and development aimed at curing neglected and major diseases in the developing world. Over the last decade, biopharmaceutical research companies have provided more than $9.2 billion in direct assistance to healthcare in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This includes donations of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and equipment, as well as other material and labor. Learn more about industry programs at Global Health Progress.

The international concerns include:

  • appropriate pricing and reimbursement of medicines;
  • access to medicines for all patients;
  • strong, enforceable trade deals;  
  • and intellectual property protection for the biopharmaceutical research companies that invest in developing those medicines. IP protection includes enforcement of laws and negotiations in free-trade agreements.

In May 2012, PhRMA addressed the issue of international IP protection by responding to the Special 301 Report issued by the United States Trade Representative (USTR). In their statement, PhRMA noted that: “The Special 301 process continues to be effective in gaining high-level attention from our trading partners—attention that is needed to redress intellectual property violations and market access concerns.” The PhRMA statement cited the need for IP protections in spurring innovation, research and development, as well as the need for fair international market conditions to ensure patients have access to medications. The announcement also stated appreciation for the work of the administration, and particularly the USTR, in addressing these issues.

As the hurdles to innovation and global access remain, PhRMA continues to work with existing partners and seek new ones to ensure that patients can access the latest innovative therapies.