Introducing a New Member of

Introducing a New Member of

06.28.12 | By Greg Lopes

I'm excited to announce the launch of a new page on our Web site, "The Value of Medicines: Hope for Patients, Savings for the System." On this page, it is our intent to bring to your attention, in an easily digestible way, literature and research that examine the impact medicines have on patients' lives and to what extent improved health outcomes can affect health care costs.

It seems there are two fundamental questions around health care:

  • How do we achieve better health outcomes?
  • How do we control health care costs?

We think medicines can play a pivotal role in answering both questions, and there is research to back it up.

On this web page we will highlight advances in patient care for chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS and the role medicines play in those improved clinical outcomes. We will also take a hard look at research around access and cost. For example, recently researchers at Harvard examined Medicare Part D and found the program helped increase patients' access to medicines, and thereby brought down overall non-drug Medicare costs by preventing hospitalizations and other costly medical care.

There is a lot data out there on the role of medicines in our health care system. We hope this will be a valuable resource for our readers to access such important information.

Please take a moment to visit the page. We hope you find it informative and useful.

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