John Castellani Recognizes Discoverers Award Honorees

John Castellani Recognizes Discoverers Award Honorees

04.26.11 | By

Kate and I talk about innovation a lot. We talk about science and the process of discovery. We talk about the cost of researching and discovering new medicines. And, we talk about the new medicines and their long road from laboratory to approval for patient use. We do so because if you're going to fight disease and help patients to live longer, healthier lives, it is important to understand how medicines are researched and developed.

Often when writing about how new medicines are developed, we do so in economic or technological terms that, unfortunately, at times obscures the human story behind research and development - both its glorious success and its disappointing failures. That's why this oped by PhRMA's President & CEO John Castellani at PharmTech is so inspiring and worth a read.

John tells the story of this year's Discoverers Award winners and their long, hard years of work to create a new treatment for diabetes. There's also a great video on our website about the winners and their work.

One thing we hope this highlights is that there are always people behind great discoveries, lots of people. Men and women who have dedicated their careers to solving problems and helping patients fight disease. PhRMA's Discoverers Award helps to put faces to some of the most important people working today in America's biopharmaceutical research sector.

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