Life Outside PhRMA: What We're Thankful For

Life Outside PhRMA: What We're Thankful For

11.23.11 | By Kate Connors

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, your friendly Catalyst writers took a few minutes to jot down what they're thankful for this year...with a specific mandate to not talk about innovation or advocacy! Here are our answers - we'd love to see what you're thankful for in the comments section.
Preet Bilinski: I'm thankful for the health and happiness of my family and friends... for having enough of everything I need... And especially thankful for a holiday focused on chowing down on good food.
Kate Connors: I'm thankful for hope. It guides my loved ones who are now battling cancer -- including one very recently lost -- and the people who are rooting for them; it guides my sister, who is juggling the demands of three little ones who don't understand the beauty of a nap; and sometimes it guides me during my quiet moments. It is what keeps us all, ultimately, in this game.
Grady Forrer: Always thankful. This time of year clearly invites reflection on what we are, or should be, most thankful for. The list is long and runs from the mundane to the, hopefully, profound. But always near the top are my wife and family, my -- and theirs-- health and the great blessing that are the friends and neighbors that sustain and support us.
Kaelan Hollon: I'm thankful for having a great job that allows me to pursue boxing, and also grateful to the many supportive friends and family that have helped me take that sport to another level this past year. My PhRMA colleagues have been some of my most supportive (and loudest) fans at my fights.
Greg Lopes: As a native Californian, I'm thankful the San Francisco 49ers are playing on national television - on Thanksgiving Day. With my family now in Nebraska, it's difficult to make the trip home every year for Thanksgiving. Not only is it very cold, it's very far. I'm thankful for my family, but I'm also thankful for the wonderful friends I spend the holiday with.
Jennifer Wall: I'm thankful for such a beautiful 6-month old baby girl who is healthy and an absolute joy to be around.

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