A Little Personal Responsibility Goes a Long Way

A Little Personal Responsibility Goes a Long Way

01.18.12 | By

For a while now I've intended to use my little Nike tracking device that can be attached to my running shoe and connected to my Nano. Big-brother-is-watching-me paranoia aside, it would be a great monitoring tool as I "train" for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler (though less effective on a treadmill).

Now, I just read an interesting post in the Wall Street Journal Health Blog about a study that found an increased incidence of injury or death among pedestrians who wear headphones. Hmmm. Am I better off running in silence going forward?

No. I need the tunes, and I still think the tracking device would be cool. In my mind, it comes down to common sense - and personal responsibility. Should I be extra cautious when I'm running with headphones? Absolutely. But it's up to me - not the guy driving down the road.

This personal responsibility mantra is particularly relevant when it comes to prevention of disease. Here's another personal example:

For years my dentist encouraged me to switch to an electric toothbrush to help combat gradually receding gums. And I didn't listen.

Finally I read one of those brochures about receding gums. Turns out it can be a pathway to periodontal disease, which has been connected to serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

A few weeks back I took the plunge and bought a fairly pricey electric brush, and it has been awesome. My teeth are squeaky clean. Every day it's like a session with the hygienist. Hopefully my next visit to the dentist will show slowing or reversal in gum recession

We always like hearing from you. Any stories you'd care to share - big or incremental - that speak to the value of stepping up and seeing things through to the benefit of your health?

[Final note... For those of you who are runners, check out the video that Kate dug up. Hilarious]

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