Medicare Program Held in High Regard

Medicare Program Held in High Regard

05.27.11 | By

Over the last few weeks, Medicare has been front and center in the news. Elections and congressional votes have only reaffirmed that the program is highly regarded by seniors and the electorate.

A recent poll details this sentiment and shows voters will not react kindly to proposals that cut the Medicare program. The results are laid out in this Politico story.

Specifically, the article shows that polling done in Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota and Montana shows significant resistance to cuts in Medicare benefits. 58% of Ohio voters said they were less likely to vote for President Obama if he backed or signed cuts to Medicare.

Unfortunately, the President's approach to reducing our deficit fails to consider the impact on Medicare and the health of beneficiaries. Specifically, proposals to implement a new government mandated rebate in Medicare Part D will saddle seniors with higher premiums, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Since its inception, Part D has been a great success for seniors and taxpayers. According to the Medicare Trustees, the program is costing 40 percent less than initially projected - savings that are unheard of for a federal program.

Most importantly, Part D has provided seniors and disabled Americans with unprecedented access to medicines at affordable costs. Thus far, approximately 28 million enrollees have joined the program and benefited from the negotiated discounts between biopharmaceutical research companies and Part D plans for their medicines.

Polls are showing Medicare is valued by Americans. Similarly, opinion data have consistently shown that Part D enrollees are overwhelmingly satisfied with the coverage they receive through the program. We should build on this success, not put it at risk.

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