Medicines Help Extend HIV/AIDS Patients' Lifespan

Medicines Help Extend HIV/AIDS Patients' Lifespan

10.17.11 | By

Sometimes medical progress seems slow and we forget how much progress has really been made over the years. Well, here's a reminder: a study recently published in the British Medical Journal found that "life expectancy for people in Britain who have HIV rose by 15 years between 1996 and 2008, thanks largely to earlier diagnosis and treatment with better, less toxic drugs." There's more that has to be done, both in terms of researching and developing even better treatments - or even a cure or vaccine - and in terms of making sure that patients have access to medicines and adhere to their doctor's advice. And, as we often point out, American biopharmaceutical research companies are currently working on around 100 new medicines now in the late stages of development or in review by the FDA for patient use.

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