Mental Illness: the Invisible Enemy

Mental Illness: the Invisible Enemy

07.12.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Mental illness is not something you can see. There are millions of people who live with mental illnesses that go unseen. These diseases are biological brain disorders that have nothing to do with a person's character, and, like other illnesses, they require medical treatment for healing. Although family love and support are wonderful, that alone is not enough to return a loved one to healthy functioning. Modern research and treatment methods give more hope than ever for overcoming these terrible diseases and restoring what was lost to individuals and families. When having symptoms of mental illness, we hope individuals will be motivated to seek immediate treatment.

America's biopharma research companies are developing 187 innovative medicines to help the nearly 60 million patients in the United States who are suffering from some form of mental illness. The medicines in development - all in either clinical trials or under review by the Food and Drug Administration - include 52 for depression, 37 for schizophrenia and 26 for anxiety disorders, according to a new report released by PhRMA. Some examples include

  • A medicine to potentially treat the various symptoms associated with schizophrenia, with diminished side effects.
  • An intranasal medicine for anxiety which has been shown to improve symptoms within several minutes of administration.
  • A potential first-in-class medicine for the treatment of major depression that recruits the patient's own neural stem cells to protect the central nervous system against damage from chronic exposure to stress.

We continue our work in research, believing that as more and more advances are made in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, we can together make the road to recovery even more of a reality.

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