New Partnership Information and Update from the National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit

New Partnership Information and Update from the National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit

04.10.12 | By

I'm blogging from the road this week, from the highly energized and hyper-organized National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit, sponsored by the well-known Kentucky organization, UNITE.

First thing on the menu today was an 8am breakfast session with the Partnership for, where they announced an exciting new partnership with PhRMA, Covidien, Cardinal Health and others regarding a week-long program this Fall called "Wake Up To Medicine Abuse." We're a proud partner in this effort, and I encourage readers to take a gander to's website and check out details of the program.

With about 700 participants at the National Summit this week in Orlando, hailing from every facet of those affected and working to prevent prescription drug abuse, I'm watching some important networking happen that could change lives -- community activists from opposite ends of the country chatting about methods that work, and programs that didn't. I've been here three hours, and already feel like the needle is moving forward on this important issue.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear just spoke eloquently to a crowd of hundreds. In fact, after 10 wonderful moments of video highlights from the UK Men's basketball championship season, he took the stage to passionate applause and hoots from the handful of Kentuckians in the audience (yours truly was unabashedly included). Kentucky is an important player in the conversation about prescription drug abuse - I'll be updating and tweeting throughout the week about other keynotes scheduled to speak at the conference.

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