New Study Shows IP Important to Jobs in Every State

New Study Shows IP Important to Jobs in Every State

05.23.12 | By Mark Grayson

Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a study that shows the importance of intellectual property to jobs in every state. The study shows that the economic value of jobs supported by Intellectual property substantial. In addition, IP-intensive industries account for more than 55 million jobs, more than $5 trillion in gross domestic product and 74% of total U.S. exports. This study is a follow on to the recent Department of Commerce study that showed that IP-intensive industries are driving America's growth.

Just last week, the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice released a study, commissioned by PhRMA, detailing efforts being made by foreign governments to lure biopharmaceutical companies to their shores. That study emphasized the need for a national innovation agenda to help preserve America's biopharmaceutical sector. The Commerce study helps to demonstrate just that: the importance of policies and programs, like intellectual property protection, as a provider of jobs - in this case, across sectors.

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