Hiers on Ryan White

Soon we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ryan White Act, which has saved and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of persons living with HIV in the United States.  We commemorate both the wisdom of the law, which was introduced by the late Senator Edward Kennedy to provide a safety net for low-income persons in need of HIV care, medications, and services, and the brave young advocate himself, Ryan White, who only wanted to be treated like a normal little boy.  Instead he was expelled from his school; in response he became an activist for all people living wi

Terry on Ryan White

The Ryan White CARE (Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency) Act has facilitated tremendous advancements in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, particularly with regard to connecting people living with HIV to care and keeping those individuals in care. Specifically, the development of Early Intervention Specialist (EIS) services and Medical Case Management (MCM) services have made a significant impact on low-income people living with HIV.

Marvell Terry II

Schmid on Ryan White

When the Ryan White Care Act was passed 25 years ago, Congress was responding to a national health emergency that was overwhelming our Nation, particularly hospitals and health clinics in large urban areas.  People were dying because there were no effective long lasting treatments and the only option was just AZT.  Emergency funding was needed to help pay for hospital beds, doctors and nurses, drugs, hospice care, and the city and state public health systems that were struggling to respond to the epidemic.  

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What advancements in the treatment of HIV/AIDS should be celebrated during the anniversary of the Ryan White Care Act?

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What advancements in the treatment of HIV/AIDS should be celebrated during the anniversary of the Ryan White Care Act?

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Valdez on Nurses Week

Submitted by Ali on

With National Nurses Week concluding recently, I’m proud of the contribution my fellow nurses on the front lines do for the communities in which they serve each and every day. Our health care system is stronger because of nurses who continuously put the patient first.

Sonia Valdez

Brigner on National Nurse Week

As a nurse, I’ve found one of the most rewarding aspects of my profession and chosen path is the ability to advocate for patients not just at the bedside, but also at the policy table. Nurses are in the unique and privileged position of caring for patients holistically: before, after, and during treatment. This approach can be extended to the lawmaking process, where a nurse’s voice is valuable in communicating how new policy or regulatory proposals would impact not only the health care system but patients themselves, and their families.

Sharon Brigner, MS, RN

Barton-Burke on National Nurses Week

Like I do on every National Nurses Day, I pause and reflect. So much has changed in the past 33 years since the day was officially recognized and is celebrated by millions every year. Yet so much remains the same. Nurses are at the heart of caring for patients and their families. According to the annual Gallup Survey, nurses are the most trusted profession. They are integral partners in care coordination.


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