Roy Benaroch, MD

Anna Dragsbaek on Measles

The scientific evidence is strong--vaccines save lives and prevent dangerous diseases like measles.  But perhaps the most poignant lesson is that good science alone is not always enough. Laws and policies matter a lot. As the US experiences a significant measles outbreak, one lesson is clear: science and policy go hand-in-hand. In order to fully realize the power of vaccines, we also need strong laws and policies to support high immunization rates. 

Anna Dragsbaek

Kenneth Thorpe, Ph.D.

Kenneth Thorpe on Obesity

Despite many of the problems developing around the world, America continually ranks among the top – the most obese, the most chronic disease with some of the most costly healthcare. By the year 2030, nearly half of America’s elderly population will be obese. Clearly it is time to treat obesity as the national health crisis that it is. 

Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA

Ted Kyle on Obesity

To reduce the already staggering impact of obesity, we must set aside simplistic biases about this complex, chronic disease and aggressively pursue innovative, evidence-based approaches for both treatment and prevention of obesity.

Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD on Obesity

Obesity is already taking a toll on our society, both on personal and economic levels. More than one-third (about 35.7%) of American adults are affected by obesity, a serious disease that is tied to more than 30 other health conditions, including heart disease and cancer.

Diane Carbonell on Obesity

The obesity rates in America have risen steadily over the past 30 years. The time to tackle the problem of obesity before it takes a staggering personal and economic toll on society has already passed. Obesity currently takes an enormous personal and economic toll on our society. Research from Scott Kahan for The Fiscal Times indicates that obesity in America costs over 30 billion dollars per year. With over 30 percent of the adult population being obese, the economic, medical, and emotional well-being of individuals and society is already negatively impacted.

Holly Campbell


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