Nona Bear on Part D

Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Do what you can with what you have where you are."  What a perfect answer to this question!   

What we can do is to use this time to make sure we are getting our needs met and saving ourselves as much money as possible.  Open enrollment empowers us by giving us not only options, but also complete information about each of those options. We should use that power to our advantage by choosing the plan that works best for us.  That's the Number 1 thing we can do.

Nona Bear

Howard L. Rogers, III on Part D

Medicare Part D is critical to protecting the health of Louisiana’s seniors, as well as nationwide seniors, as it provides significant cost-saving benefits for much-needed medications.

It is important for seniors to know that the open enrollment period allowing them to make any changes to their plans for 2015 will end on December 7. All Medicare recipients should take the time to review their current Medicare plans, including their prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D.

Howard L. Rogers, III

Mary Grealy on Part D

One of the most consumer-friendly attributes of the Medicare Part D prescription drug program is the ample selection of coverage plans available to enrollees in every state and, by extension, the affordability of high-quality prescription drug coverage made possible by plans competing to offer the greatest value.

Austin Curry on Part D

Medicare Part D is a magnificent asset that protects the health of both seniors and individuals living with disabilities across this great the nation. Since enacted, this widely loved program has shown huge cost-saving benefits. It delivers much needed medications at a significantly lower cost than originally projected.

Austin Curry

Donna Butts on Part D

In many cultures, elders are revered. Villagers turn to them for wisdom and guidance. Because of their long lives, they've learned lessons that can, and should, be passed down to future generations. Sometimes called the "grandparent advantage" elders possess the ability to recycle human knowledge, understanding, culture and experience to benefit future generations.

Donna Butts

Martha Roherty on Part D

During the Medicare open enrollment period, it’s important for seniors and people with disabilities to make sure that they’re getting a plan that suits their needs and the most value for their costs.  With one week left in this year’s period, Medicare enrollees should be taking one last look at their plans to make sure that the prescriptions they use are included in their plan’s formulary and to see if their premium could be lower with another plan that meets their needs. 


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