Chronic Conditions Prevalence in Older Americans

Common Conditions for Older Americans

40% or More Coinsurance for Medicines on Health Insurance Exchange Plans

Access to Services — Like Prescription Medicines — Is More Expensive for Patients with Exchange Coverage

Treatment Costs of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinsons Disease in the United States

John F P Bridges, Ph.D. on PDUFA

For many, terms like patient-centered outcomes research and patient-focused drug development are new. For others, they are simply buzzwords that are aimed at putting a new spin on existing practices. As a researcher who has dedicated the majority of my career to the scientific study of the patients’ point of view, I rejoice in renewed interest in the patients’ perspective.

John F P Bridges, Ph.D.

Kim McCleary on PDUFA

A paradigm shift is occurring. Patients were once viewed as passive, deferential recipients of medical products and services developed for them. Today, there is growing recognition that patients are a vital force for transformative change to address serious unmet medical needs and improve public health.

Kim McCleary


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