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The Colon Cancer Alliance is committed to providing support and empowerment to those who are affected by colon cancer. This is why we’re actively addressing the patient impact of high out-of-pocket costs for medicine.  Due to increased costs, patients are making decisions about treatment based on financial implication as opposed to selecting the best treatment path to address their current condition.  The Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Exchanges were intended to address the need for affordable care. The new Avelere study supports the patient stories we often hear.

Colon Cancer Alliance

Bob Blancato on Exchanges

As reported in the June 11, 2014 Avalere study examining cost sharing in silver exchange plans, many drugs for patients with chronic conditions enrolled in silver exchange plans are priced as to be unaffordable, creating access barriers for many patients for whom the landmark Affordable Care Act was particularly designed. This study exposes a genuine flaw in a key part of the Act which especially impacts the 25 percent of enrollees in exchanges who are between the ages of 55 and 64. People as they age find their prescription drug costs rise, in part due to increases in chronic conditions.

Bob Blancato

Lawrence A. LaMotte - high out-of-pocket costs

Lawrence A. LaMotte

Brian Hujdich - high out-of-pocket costs

Virginia Ladd - high out-of-pocket costs

Carl Schmid - high out-of-pocket costs

John Rice


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