Edith Mitchell, M.D.

Joshua Cohen - Dr/patient relationship

A doctor-patient relationship represents a collaboration, a shared commitment by both doctor and patient to work towards a common goal of therapeutic success.  The importance of this mutual determination cannot be understated as treatment efficacy relies on both parties as neither can be successful in isolation. 

Joshua Cohen, M.D.

Bill Chin on Dr/patient relationships

When we look at the relationship between doctor and the patient, there is one theme that is constant: putting the patient first. The responsibility stands squarely on the shoulders of the physician from the onset to help make the patient feel comfortable and prepared to engage in an open and honest dialogue to help formulate a treatment plan.

Edmond B. Cabbabe

The doctor /patient relationship is built on mutual respect, utmost trust, and dedication of the parties involved. This relationship allows both parties to engage in a frank and open professional interaction that best serves the patient health care needs. Such a relationship must not be affected by an outside pressure, on either side, to force a different choice of care nor be affected by any monetary gain or loss.

Edmond Cabbabe, M.D.

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How does a strong doctor/patient relationship translate into better quality of care for the patient?

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How does a strong doctor/patient relationship translate into better quality of care for the patient?

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#MedicareMonday: Helping Hypertensive Patients Live Healthier Lives

03.02.15 | By

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a chronic condition affecting an estimated 70 million people in the United States. Unfortunately, just 52 percent of these individuals have their high blood pressure under control. Many people don’t realize taking their medicines as prescribed can help keep this chronic condition in check – and save money – for both individuals and the health care system overall. 


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