Partners for Healthy Dialogues Unveils New Website

Partners for Healthy Dialogues Unveils New Website

12.12.12 | By

Whether it is a team approach in the office or working in tandem with friends or family members, many of us have felt the power of collaboration in delivering better outcomes. When it comes to our health, collaboration is also an essential ingredient to improving our health and our medicines.

I'm excited about PhRMA's involvement with a new effort - Partners for Healthy Dialogues - that takes a deep dive into various types of collaborations between physicians and biopharmaceutical professionals, demystifying them so that patients have a greater understanding of the breadth of interactions that are occurring not only on their behalf, but in the advancement of new and improved medicines.

I encourage you to visit the Partners for Healthy Dialogues' new website, which contains information for patients, physicians and biopharmaceutical professionals. There is a neat video that does a nice job at providing an overview on how collaborations between physicians and biopharmaceutical professionals lead to better health and better medicines. And you can also find downloadable materials, including fact sheets, a brochure, and a FAQ.

In the coming months, the website will be updated with additional content and interactive features, especially once the final regulations on the Physician Payments Sunshine Act are published.

Until we have greater clarity from the final regulations, I hope this website is a good resource in providing greater context around the healthy dialogues that are leading to improved health and medicines.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts on the value of collaboration. You can also send questions to the Partners for Healthy Dialogues at

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