PhRMA Hosts NEHI Roundtable on Medication Adherence

PhRMA Hosts NEHI Roundtable on Medication Adherence

10.25.12 | By

Yesterday PhRMA sponsored a New England Healthcare Institution (NEHI) roundtable about improving patient adherence to their medication regimens. Having recently struggled with my own flakiness in exactly following my doctor's orders, as well as dealing with the ensuing poor outcomes, this roundtable particularly held my interest.

These NEHI roundtables are being held throughout the year (this was the second of three on adherence) and they're essentially a 'Who's Who' of leaders from health systems, insurers and the physician community and academia coming together to discuss best practices for improved patient adherence. Niteesh Choudry of Harvard Medical School was the keynote speaker, and he talked through why adherence matters. Essentially, Dr. Choudry noted that medication adherence is a game-changer for patients with chronic disease and that while we have a few strategies that work; they're not being implemented across the board. Finally, Dr. Choudry looked at best practices and noted that the interventions (not this kind) to get people back on track with their medications may be easier to spread more broadly if they build on the way patients are currently receiving care.

NEHI is developing a briefing based on the discussion by yesterday's panelists, some of which included case managers for high risk patients, a former MedPAC Commissioner, and a medication therapy management company working with Part D patients to talk though what has worked, and what hasn't. The brief from their first roundtable is available here. I'll be sure to post the second brief when it's available.

Still wondering why medication adherence is so important? Check out this two minute video explaining the problem.

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