Planning for the Unthinkable - Again

Planning for the Unthinkable - Again

08.24.11 | By

On Monday, I wrote on the importance of being prepared for an emergency. I did so thinking of Hurricane Irene. We're expecting some contact with Irene as it rolls up the East Coast, so I thought it was a good time to remind everyone of the general value of emergency preparedness.

Then, yesterday, we had a 5.8 earthquake here in Washington, D.C. Ultimately it was not a big emergency in the scheme of things. My friends in California "laughed" at our little rattling here... "we take 5.8's for breakfast and roll on with the rest of our day." Not quite so here, it was a more than a little unsettling even if, fortunately, damages were very limited.

But as I worked my way home through streets crowded with people evacuated from office and government buildings, museums and the national monuments, it really brought home the necessity of having a good emergency plan. It was easy to see how a few points higher on the Richter Scale could have caused significantly more problems and required real evacuations from homes and apartments.

In short, yesterday the need for an emergency plan was made real: where to meet if the phones are down; do we have things like bottled water and extra batteries in the house; do you have a list of your prescriptions?

All of which is to say I've been shaken into action rather than just talking about it. RxResponse is a good place to start for thinking about planning for the unthinkable.

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