"Positive Tickets" and Major Prescription Drug Abuse Announcements

"Positive Tickets" and Major Prescription Drug Abuse Announcements

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Today I read a great story about a police captain in the Royal Canadian Mounted Policy (RCMP) who began issuing "positive tickets" when he saw kids doing something right. The gentleman wrote a book about his theory of rewarding good behavior as well as enforcing bad, and changing the role of the police force and their work with children in a community. It's an interesting bit to chew on, given the rampant problems with underage prescription drug abuse, and law enforcement's evolving role. It's that sort out-of-the-box thinking that communities need when dealing with this problem.

I've been working on prescription drug abuse issues since I started at PhRMA 4.5 years ago and with pride, I've been able to watch the programs we support helped support some dramatic shifts in how public policy and communities react to prescription drug misuse and abuse. Programs like SMARxT Disposal, our work with the Partnership at Drugfree.org, National Governor's Association, and many others, are working to educate consumers about the proper use and disposal of their prescriptions.

This week we announced our support of the National Governor's Association's Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Policy Academy, a one year program which, under the leadership of Alabama Governor Bentley and Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, will develop state policy tools for reducing prescription drug abuse. Many states need more programmatic ammunition to deal with the policy problems presented by widespread prescription drug abuse, and the Policy Academy could be a game-changer.

Additionally, we pulled together the variety of programs, resources, toolkits and information, and created a one-stop page called the Prescription Drug Abuse Resource Center. Several of my passionate co-workers, in addition to the teams of people we work with at PhRMA's individual member companies, are doing everything they can to help prevent prescription drug abuse. This resource center is a testament to their work; showcasing video's and how-to's, other organizations that provide toolkits for pharmacies and parents, curriculum and tip sheets for educators and law enforcement, and information for legislators about what we're doing to help.

There's a lot going on, and I'll be blogging from afar later this week as I attend Connecticut's Prescription Drug Abuse conference sponsored by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Connecticut. Early next week, I'll be in Orlando listening to some of the top voices engaged in this conversation speaking at the National Summit on Prescription Drug Abuse.

The NGA Policy Academy, a new Resource Center, our reaching out to all other stakeholders at various prescription drug abuse learning events; PhRMA deserves a "positive ticket" - we're doing it right.

Know about some other prescription drug abuse events I should be checking out? Let me know in the comments.

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