PSM China Launches In Beijing

PSM China Launches In Beijing

11.30.12 | By Scott LaGanga

Earlier this week, the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) officially launched PSM China, the latest international public-private collaboration to help address the growing threat posed by counterfeit drugs. In addition to PhRMA Chairman and Eli Lilly President and CEO Dr. John Lechleiter, the launch event in Beijing was attended by Bai Huiliang, Chairman of PSM China, as well as a number of stakeholders and leaders from public and private sector organizations.

PSM has seen remarkable success in recent years due to its ability to bring together stakeholders at all levels, from grassroots advocacy organizations to the highest levels of government and law enforcement. Through shared efforts, we've been able to educate American consumers and healthcare professionals and help raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeit drugs, especially those purchased from illegal online pharmacies.

China has taken many positive steps to stop drug counterfeiters and protect its people. In August, the Chinese government arrested nearly 2,000 people suspected of manufacturing and selling counterfeit medicines and seized nearly $182 million in fake drugs. With the launch of PSM China, consumers and leaders in government and health care alike now have a powerful new resource at their disposal. This will be a nationwide initiative throughout China, not merely limited to population centers, to help ensure all Chinese citizens have access to the same vital information to protect themselves against the threat of counterfeit drugs.

2012 has been a strong year in this worldwide effort. Last month, INTERPOL concluded Pangea V, a sting operation conducted with the cooperation of over 100 countries that led to 18,000 websites linked to fake drug sales being shut down and the seizure of 3.75 million units of counterfeit drugs. The launch of PSM China is taking the fight to the world's most populous nation, greatly expanding our collaborative awareness efforts and paving the way for the day that we make counterfeit drugs a thing of the past.

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