Put On Some Weight Lately? Watch Out for Gout Risk

Put On Some Weight Lately? Watch Out for Gout Risk

08.03.12 | By

Reuters posted a story yesterday linking a higher risk of gout when people put weight. Gout is an incredibly painful arthritic condition that occurs when a person produces too much uric acid, or their body can't really get rid of what's being normally produced. The uric acid starts crystallizing in the bloodstream, and solidifies in the colder parts of the body that get a lot of wear and tear, i.e., your feet. My father (a gout sufferer) says the pain is like tiny knives in the joints of his ankles. Gout makes it harder to walk, and creates a painful Catch-22 where many people continue to put on weight from the painful inability to walk due to gout, which originally came about from weight gain.

The Reuters story is an important footnote to the larger discussion about chronic disease, and how imperative it is for people to take charge of their health and treatment. We've been pretty vocal about chronic disease (see here, here and the Partnership here), because when people who have one chronic disease (like obesity) fail to stay on top of their medicines and healthcare, that can quickly lead to other chronic conditions like gout, with attenuating hospital stays and more extensive (and expensive) treatment.

I know my own father has lost quite a few hours of what should have been physically productive time due to his gout, and he has to stay vigilant with his diet to ensure it's under control. Have some tips for reminding people to take care of their various chronic diseases? Share them below.

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