Clinical Trials Backgrounder: Biologics

Learn More About Clinical Trials for Biologics

PhRMA April 8, 2013

The 794 clinical trials listed here include 419 that have not yet started recruiting patients or are just now seeking volunteers to participate and another 375 that are active, but not recruiting new patients. This information is potentially valuable to patients still seeking effective treatments for hundreds of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and many more.  It provides a new therapeutic option to discuss with physicians. Those interested in obtaining more information about certain clinical trials can use the URL code listed for each trial to log onto, the clinical tests database of the National Institutes of Health.

Source:; Search criteria: Biological, Phase 0, 1, 2, 3; industry only, United States. Included are only active clinical trials – active, not recruiting; recruiting, not yet recruiting, and enrolling by invitation. Search performed 2/5/2013.