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Research in North Carolina

Research in Your Backyard: Developing Cures, Creating Jobs - Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in North Carolina


Biopharmaceutical research companies are conducting or have conducted more than 6,000 clinical trials of new medicines in collaboration with the state’s university medical schools, clinical research centers and hospitals (1999 to present).

Of the  895 clinical trials that are currently active, 428 target some of the nation’s most debilitating chronic diseases—cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

“The 6,013 plus clinical trials conducted throughout North Carolina are sound investments for both our patients and our future—they provide means for biopharmaceutical companies to engage with our local research institutions, and have provided our talented local researchers the opportunity to be involved in the development of new medicines. What’s more, these trials provide an opportunity for North Carolina’s sickest patients to access innovative new treatments before the medicine is widely available, providing an important potential therapeutic option." --State Representative Tom Murry (District 41)