Rx Response Continues on High Alert - Tell Your Friends!

Rx Response Continues on High Alert - Tell Your Friends!

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Erin Mullen wrote a great post about lessons learned in Hurricane Andrew, and stopped by my office yesterday to talk about what's been going on with Rx Response in light of Hurricane Isaac this week. The storm has been on the forefront of many people's minds here at PhRMA, since it seems we all have a favorite crazy uncle living in Nola or a best friend expatriate who drawls lovingly over front porch mimosas (Hi Heather!).

Most people, as Erin pointed out, should have a disaster kit handy before evacuating in front of a major storm. I do not. In fact, if forced to evacuate quickly from my 100+ year old home on Capitol Hill, I'd likely fail to take Erin's advice for grabbing extra underwear and instead grab a handful of books and my sneakers. Things like antibiotics, medicine, disinfectant and bandages would likely be forgotten or misplaced, and that's where Rx Response comes in.

When a natural disaster hits, Rx Response keeps a closely monitored database of what pharmacies are staying open and filling prescriptions, and where people should go for the nearest Red Cross shelter. Here's the daily-updated map by county for Hurricane Isaac.

While the focus of Rx Response is ensuring patients have fast access to medicines during a disaster, it's a partnership that is helps everyone involved in making and distributing medicines during an emergency.

Biopharmaceutical companies that make medicines, whether generic, name brand or over the counter, unfailingly want to help when there is a natural disaster of any sort. Problems in the supply chain are a common issue - when pharmacies don't have power and might be the only local source for a certain medication, then manufacturers, dispensers and distributors all need to know where they should send new shipments immediately so patients get the help they need quickly. Rx Response connects all those supply chain components with Federal and State agencies in a dynamic information sharing network, as well as letting patients know where they should go next.

For those readers with their own favorite people in Sportsman's Paradise, keep the Rx Response program in mind, especially if your friends and family need their medicines immediately. If internet access is a problem (and it usually is during storms), then patients should dial United Way's 2-1-1, which partners with Rx Response to share information.

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