RxResponse Helping to Cope with Hurricane Sandy

RxResponse Helping to Cope with Hurricane Sandy

10.31.12 | By John Castellani

Sandy is not over. The storm remains a serious, active threat to millions of Americans. Millions more are beginning the long, difficult challenge of cleaning-up and putting their homes, lives and communities back together.

The storm is also affecting many PhRMA member companies and their employees who live and work in the storm zone. Our thoughts and prayers are with them - as they are with everyone touched by Sandy.

After a devastating storm like Sandy, recovery isn't going to be quick or easy. Emergency managers and the public alike need information about many things in life we often take for granted, including the medicine supply chain and open pharmacies that are filling prescriptions.

After Hurricane Katrina, PhRMA along with other stakeholders in the medicine supply chain created RxResponse. RxResponse helps ensure the continual flow of medicines to patients in a severe public health emergency. It also provides emergency managers and the public with critical information like the location of open pharmacies in storm-affected zones.

For those living in areas already touched by the storm and who need to fill or renew a prescription, RxResponse's Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool can help to locate open pharmacies that can help.

Those still in the storm's path should visit RxResponse and take advantage of its public resources page. There also is a useful, down-loadable form for listing your prescription medications which is particularly important to have if you might still be evacuated.

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