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Biopharmaceutical Innovation Benefits Many Sectors of Industry

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

To learn more about the behind the scenes contributions to biopharmaceutical development, watch the full video:

Medicare Monday: 3 Medicare videos

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

5 Things You Might Not Know About Medicare Part DA quick refresher on the Medicare Part D program, how it works and who it benefits

Medicare Monday: Medication Therapy Management in Part D – Another Potential Opportunity for Savings

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Specifically, the extra Medicare costs associated with poor medication adherence ranged from $49 to $840 per month.

Fact Check Friday: The Truth About Negotiation in Medicare Part D

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Total program costs are 45 percent – or $349 billion – lower than CBO’s initial 10-year projections.

The U.S.– India Relationship is Full of Opportunities

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In effect, our government will have the opportunity to measure progress made by India since the last Special 301 report, released while Mr.

New video: Saving lives and building for the future

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

  Today’s medicines are at the forefront of science with many new treatments taking a targeted approach to attacking underlying causes of disease.

Many Say High Deductibles Make Their Health Law Insurance All but Useless

Access Better Coverage  |  From Our Network

In Chicago, the median deductible is $3,400.

Medicare Monday: Helping Hypertensive Patients Live Healthier Lives

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Dawn says Part D empowered her to go to the doctor and get the treatments she needs for high blood pressure, and .com/content.aspx?

PhRMA Responds to New York TImes

PhRMA  |  Press Release

According to the American Lung Association, asthma causes about 440,000 hospitalizations, 2.1 million emergency room visits, and about 3,400 deaths a year.

Maintaining Appropriate Incentives for Biopharmaceutical Innovation

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

New research by Duke economist Henry Grabowski and others reinforces that patents and data protection are foundational to fostering continued innovation.

Medical Mysteries of the Heart

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

Half of the participants were told to reduce their systolic blood pressure — the top number — to below 120 by using common medications, while the other half aimed for below 140.

ICYMI: New Oncology Trend Report Highlights the Future Promise of Innovation

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

As part of our Healthy Outlook: Conquering Cancer in the 21st Century blog series, we wanted to highlight a new

Time to enforce the rules that protect American ideas, brands and inventions

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Earlier today, PhRMA joined organizations representing every sector of America’s knowledge economy at a public hearing in Washington that will inform the federal government’s annual “Special 301” review of overseas practices that deny adequate and effective intellectual property protection.

Medicare Monday: Tampering with the Successful Structure of Part D

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

As you know, Medicare Part D is a successful government program coming in well under initial budget projections ($349 billion less than initial 10-year projections, to be exact) and helping to keep costs low for both taxpayers and beneficiaries.

Medicare Monday: 10 years later, 3 reasons why Part D is a success story

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Part D costs are $349 billion (or 45 percent) less than initial 10-year projections and spending on Part D is just 10.9 percent of total Medicare spending in 2014.

Medicare Monday: Medicare Part D Helps Reduce Spending in Parts A and B, Too

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Phyllis also rely on Part D for access to medicines that help them manage their diabetes.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Medicare Part D

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) figures, total Part D costs are $349 billion less than initial 10-year projections.

PhRMA Statement on Proposed Rule on Medicare Advantage & Part D

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Currently, total Part D costs are 45 percent – or $348 billion – lower than initial projections for 2004-2013.

New Research Highlights Gaps in Quality Measures for Cancer Patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Avalere analyzed 305 different cancer quality measures and found that even with the volume of available measures, gaps remain.

PDUFA: Still a weird word worth knowing

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

The implementation of PDUFA V began on October 1, 2012.

Medicare Monday: A Short Video on Medicare Part D

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

  Share your thoughts with us and let us know how the program has helped you or a loved one and be sure to share the video with others who might need a little more information about the program and why it is important.

Fighting blood cancers together at the 2016 Leukemia Ball

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Today, there are more than 240 medicines in development to treat leukemia, lymphoma and other forms of blood cancer.

I'm Not Average: Matt May Have Cancer, but Cancer Doesn’t Have Him

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

One year later his cancer resurfaced and it had spread.

A voice for patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

    The CMO position at Merck is unique because of our focus on the patient.

Celebrating brighter futures and healthier hearts during American Heart Month

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Still, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, taking the lives of one in three Americans and costing society nearly $320 billion each year.

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