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Celebrating brighter futures and healthier hearts during American Heart Month

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Still, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, taking the lives of one in three Americans and costing society nearly $320 billion each year.

New PhRMA Report: Medicines in development offer hope for osteoporosis patients and families

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The report found that all of these medicines currently in development are either in clinical trials or undergoing regulatory review by the Food and Drug Administration.

Research in South Carolina

PhRMA  |  Research In Your Backyard

It’s important, very important, that nearly 300 trials of new chronic disease treatments in the state are still active and seeking patient recruits.

Medicare Monday: Happy Memorial Day!

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Medicare provides value to beneficiaries What you need to know about Part D appeals Check back next week for more on threats to the successful structure of Medicare Part D.

Medicare Monday: New Part D study highlights benefit of switching plans

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By being an active consumer, including reviewing coverage on a yearly basis and switching plans if needed, beneficiaries can save an average of $400 to $600 per year.

Video & Infographic: Developing a new drug is actually harder than rocket science

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    Biology isn’t rocket science.

What you need to know about the federal government’s health spending projections

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Even with new treatments for hepatitis C, high cholesterol and cancer, spending on retail prescription medicines is projected to remain approximately 10 percent of U.S. health care spending through 2025 – the same percentage as in 1960.

Medicare Monday: How Successful Negotiation Takes Place in Medicare

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According to CBO, total Part D costs are 45 percent ($349 billion) lower than original projections for 2004-2013.

4 Things to Know about the Medicare Part D Premium Announcement

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  Medicare Part D is a Success, Saving Money for Both Beneficiaries and Taxpayers Total Part D costs are $349 billion (or 45 percent) less than initial CBO projections for 2004-2013 and Part D was only 10.9 percent of total Medicare spending in 2014.

Medicare Monday: It’s important to shop around, even if your premium is decreasing next year

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Another plan had a slightly higher monthly premium but much lower total annual costs, saving my grandfather nearly $300 next year.

Terms of Service

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., Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20004; T: (202) 835-3428; F: (202) 715-7030;

Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Antibody drug conjugates

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  “You can think of them as smart bombs, basically.

Happy 50th Anniversary Medicare!

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  Learn more: There are more medicines in development for older Americans since the implementation of Part D.

Rare Disease Day Should Last All Year

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For example, America's biopharmaceutical research companies are today working on more than 400 new medicines to help treat a wide variety of rare diseases.

I'm Not Average: 13 Years Later, Jamie Is Still Here

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

CML is a disease Jamie will always have, but because of these innovations, she’s happy, healthy and able to manage her disease.

Bringing innovation to light during Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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  Stories like Matt’s are why we need to ensure that we maintain an ecosystem that encourages the development of innovative, life-changing medicines.

How You Can Help Fight a $1.1 Trillion Disease

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Under such a scenario, an innovative treatment could help save Medicare and Medicaid $140 billion per year in 2030 and has the potential to save the U.S. health care system $447 billion by 2050.

Time for Canada to catch up on intellectual property

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3 Reasons Patient Engagement is the Backbone of Scientific Discovery

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As John points out, patient engagement is critical to the research and development process for three central reasons: First, industry scientists need to understand patient perspectives on the diseases they are working to treat and cure; second, critical to the development of new therapies is

New Research: Access and quality implications of CMS proposed Part B model

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These concerns that the Part B Drug Payment Model could have serious consequences for patient access to appropriate care were raised by over 300 stakeholders.

Medicare Monday: Progress in fight against diabetes is one more thing to be thankful for this year

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And while the number of Americans with diabetes is still too high, the rate of new diabetes cases diagnosed in the United States each year is beginning to decrease.

What They Are Saying About Patients’ Access to Medicines

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Over the past 15 years, biopharmaceutical companies have had more than 400 new medicines approved to treat patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and other debilitating diseases.

Welcome news in two high-profile cancer battles

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President Carter and Governor Hogan have spoken openly about their treatment plans, which included surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and new cutting-edge immunotherapy treatments.

Patients and researchers say “we’re fighting back” in new “From Hope to Cures” ads

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Pharmaceutical Organizations Announce Key Principles to Foster Supply Chain Security and Integrity

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