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Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and the Employee Experience – Human Resources

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We are committed to the growth and development of our team members and offer many learning opportunities such as tuition reimbursement at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, industry on-site and off-site training, PhRMAcademy lunch and learn sessions, presentation skills, performance management and other management/professional develop programs.

Senior Director – Science and Regulatory Advocacy (Biologics and Biosimilars Advocacy)

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Actively contributing to SRA activities and helping to facilitate coordination and team work within the department and PhRMA-wide.

Data Sharing Commitments will Enhance Research and Scientific Knowledge, Advance Patient Care and Improve Public Health

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About PhRMA The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents the country’s leading innovative biopharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to discovering and developing medicines that enable patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from PhRMA, AdvaMed, and BIO

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As life science trade associations representing thousands of medical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, we express our longstanding support for the goals of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (“the Sunshine Act”), section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, which will provide transparency in industry collaboration with teaching hospitals, physicians; and report physician ownership and investment interests.

Cost & Value of Medicines

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Explore our graphics and videos below to learn more.

ICYMI – New York Times Editorial Board: Hepatitis C medicines a high value for patients and health care system

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/AIDS counseled removing the “unreasonable” restrictions, noting that the increasingly competitive marketplace had “dramatically reduced” treatment costs and improved benefits to the nation's patients.

2017 Research & Hope Awards: Award Winner Compilation

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The Research & Hope Awards illustrate how biopharmaceutical researchers and others in the innovation ecosystem work together to not only bring new medical advances to patients, but thwart deadly diseases through increased awareness, public health efforts and increased collaboration.

Increase Coverage and Access to Addiction and Overdose Treatment

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While a person initially chooses to take drugs, over time the effects of prolonged exposure on brain functioning compromise that ability to choose, and seeking and consuming the drug become compulsive, often eluding a person’s self control or willpower.

Modernizing the Drug Discovery and Development Process

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Focusing Payment and Delivery on Patients

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Our key principles outline best practices for payment model design, which should support continued biomedical progress, improve the value of patient care and protect access to high-quality health care.

Collaboration Between PhRMA and Scientific American Highlights Biomedical Science

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Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Fox Trial Finder, and the day-to-day impact of disease.

Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints

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A surrogate endpoint is a marker—such as a biomarker or other measure—that is expected to predict, but is not itself a measure of clinical benefit, and can thus be substituted for a clinical endpoint.

Olof Larsson, Eli Lilly and Company

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Zika Virus: Current Outbreak and Ongoing Research Efforts

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Symptoms of the disease are usually mild, including fever, joint pain, rashes, and viral conjunctivitis (red/itchy eyes), and appear within a week of being exposed.

Researching Hepatitis C Medicines: Setbacks and Stepping Stones

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These medicines promise to improve cure rates further, reduce side effects and duration of treatment, and expand treatment options.

Diabetes: An Example of Underdiagnosis and Undertreatment

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Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to kidney failure, amputation, blindness, and stroke.

Medicare Monday: Resources for understanding Medicare Part B and D

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Part D Implementation Improved Enrollees’ Access to Medicine and Reduced Out-of-Pocket Costs Peer reviewed and academic literature confirms Medicare Part D substantially reduced out-of-pocket costs and increased access to medicines for seniors.

Know the Signs of Stroke and Act Quickly

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And check back next month when PhRMA releases an updated report on Medicines in Development for heart disease and stroke.

Alabama Clinical Trials Benefit Patients and the Economy

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The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents the country’s leading innovative biopharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to discovering and developing medicines that enable patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

PhRMA launches biologics and biosimilars online resources

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Our goal is to create a comprehensive source of information on biologics and biosimilars, so that we can help improve awareness, science and evidence-based decision-making and patient choice.

PhRMA Statement: Drug Quality and Security Act

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Since 2000, PhRMA member companies have invested approximately $550 billion in the search for new treatments and cures, including an estimated $48.5 billion in 2012 alone.

Researching Alzheimer’s Medicines: Setbacks and Stepping Stones

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A new analysis finds that between 1998 and 2014, there were 123 unsuccessful attempts to develop drugs to treat Alzheimer’s – or as some call them “failures.”

Four Facts: Value and Cost of Medicines

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Recent Advances in the treatment of Hepatitis C offer great long-term value to patients and society.

Prescription Drug Misuse, Abuse & Disposal

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Examples include needles, syringes and lancets.

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