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Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials

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FACT: Your doctor may not know about all available clinical trials that might benefit you.

Clinical Trials Q&A: Income disparities

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In 2006, she founded Lazarex Cancer Foundation and currently serves as its president.

Julie Ward

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Before that she spent 18 years with the Epilepsy Foundation, the last ten years as the Senior Director of Government Affairs, overseeing the Foundation's federal and state advocacy program.

Manager – Public Affairs

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Accordingly, the successful candidate should be adaptable, able to reprioritize and shift gears quickly, comfortable in a high-pressure environment and be politically savvy, diplomatic, responsive, and mature.

New Weapons in the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

Dickey, of Menifee, Calif., says he is in partial remission and “within a short distance of being in full remission.

Julie Flygare, JD

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Most recently, she created the NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE international awareness campaign to prove narcolepsy is REAL and we are NOT ALONE.

Medicare Monday: How government price setting in Part D could reduce innovation, shorten life expectancy for beneficiaries

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Additionally, the proposals threaten the marked improvements in longevity that the Medicare population has seen since the implementation of Part D in 2006.

PhRMA Statement on AARP Prescription Drug Report

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These include a large increase in the base formula for the rebates that brand manufacturers pay in Medicaid, which will help fund health reform, and the fact that Medicaid eligibility could be expanded to tens of millions of Americans who then would have access to health care coverage that includes lower-priced medicines.

Making drug formulary search tools better for patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post and other states could also learn from DC Health Link and make it easier for consumers to see not only whether their drugs are covered by a plan, but also easily see the cost sharing for a medicine.

Manager – Advocacy and Strategic Alliances (State)

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Candidate should be adaptable, able to prioritize and shift gears quickly, comfortable in a high pressure environment and be politically savvy, diplomatic, responsive and mature.

The journey to better health care requires a holistic view

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Ultimately, the period we pay for pharmaceutical innovation is relatively short in exchange for a lifetime of generic prices.

New non-discrimination rule neglects to define discriminatory benefits

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ACA § 1302(b)(4); ACA § 1311(c)(1)(A).

Castellani Statement on Prescription Drug Costs

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FACT: Many patients with Exchange coverage are required to pay more than twice as much out of pocket for prescription medicines than they would under a typical employer plan.

Building on the promise of personalized medicine

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In fact, research has shown nearly two-thirds of NSLCs have a genetic mutation that can be more effectively targeted with a personalized medicine.

Honoring veterans serving in the biopharmaceutical industry

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As a Gunnery Sergeant, Caskey spent 22 years in the USMC working in supply chain, logistics and business management, including serving in Desert Storm and two tours in Iraq.

Senior Director – State Policy (Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region)

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Professional Experience / Requirements Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy, Health Policy, Political Science, Public Affairs, or another field;  5+ years of progressive experience in state government affairs and/or within state government, legislature, regulatory, or executive branch; Previous experience analyzing policy and developing policy-related action plans; Previous experience working with state health care issues affecting the biopharmaceutical industry; Working knowledge of state health care issues affecting the biopharmaceutical industry; Must be willing to travel (up to 50% of the time during certain times of the year) and be responsive and available after hours and on weekends as needed; must have a valid driver’s license; Be an adaptable, creative problem solver, who is comfortable working in a high-pressure environment;  Excellent interpersonal skills that foster the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet short non-negotiable timelines.

In the OECD other health care services will be ten times prescription medicine spending growth over next decade

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In fact, cost containment is built into the pharmaceutical life cycle as competition occurs and as generics eventually enter the market.

New report: Decade of breakthroughs in cancer

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In fact, the first immunotherapies for bladder cancer and for Hodgkin lymphoma were recently approved, and a new type of cellular immunotherapy, CAR-T, looks to take individualized immune-therapy to the next level.

In biopharmaceutical research, if at first you don’t succeed, try again

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See one biopharmaceutical researcher’s

PhRMA Responds to New York TImes

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In fact, IMS Health projects that future growth in prescription drug spending will remain at historically low levels, and will continue to grow more slowly than overall health spending through 2017.

R&D Spending by U.S. Biopharmaceutical Companies Reaches Record Levels in 2008 Despite Economic Challenges

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In fact, roughly one-quarter of the more than 686,000 direct employees of the sector were engaged in life, physical or social sciences research in 2006, the study shows.

Medicare Monday: A discussion on affordability and access to medicines

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Unfortunately, we were not ultimately successful in finding a treatment to help my mom before she passed away, but I am committed more than ever to ensuring today’s ALS patients have hope that a treatment will one day make it to market and end a disease that no person and no family should ever have to face.


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Across the country, Medicaid spending on prescription medicines remains low; in 2015, Medicaid programs spent on average just 4.5 percent on prescription drugs Policies meant to reduce utilization of medicines in Medicaid often result in barriers to access for patients, and have been shown to be associated with poor health outcomes for beneficiaries.

Fighting for Children's Health

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

America’s biopharmaceutical companies are researching 316 medicines to help meet the unique health care needs of children.

O365 Senior Manager – Information Technology

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The O365 Senior Manager is responsible for: SharePoint - Responsible for SharePoint configuration, shared services, and implementing policies, including: Defining and leading governance efforts; Working directly with business owners to define requirements to meet business goals; Creating, configuring and administering SharePoint sites, including external connections, security groups, search, managed metadata, workflows; Assisting users in establishing, utilizing, and maintaining collaboration sites, including the managing of permissions, lists, views, libraries, and web parts; Supporting web applications built in SharePoint (Intranet, etc.)

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