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Josephine Martin Joins PhRMA as Exec VP of Public Affairs

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Prior to building a public affairs health care practice at Ketchum, Martin served in leading public affairs positions at Golin Harris and National Media, Inc.

Rotary International Recognizes PhRMA

PhRMA  |  Press Release

For over the past three years, we have supported the Foundation’s PolioPlus program in India through grants that have been matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

New 2010 R&D Numbers Demonstrate Our Commitment

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Today PhRMA is releasing our annual R&D numbers, in which we track how much America's biopharmaceutical research companies invested in 2010 on the discovery and development of tomorrow's potential new medicines.

Medicare Monday: Call for repeal of IPAB intensifies

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

In The Hill, the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Director of Health and Human Services Mia Palmieri Heck said: “Solutions sought to bring down the cost of care should be rooted in reducing regulation while incentivizing competition and choice in the market, not governing boards of unelected bureaucrats who are accountable to no one.”

More than 430 New Medicines in Development for Top Chronic Diseases Affecting Older Americans

PhRMA  |  Press Release

In addition to information on some of the medicines in the pipeline, the new report delves into treatment advances for healthier aging, the Medicare prescription drug program’s role in improved health outcomes and cost savings, the importance of adherence to medicines to the health of patients and the economy, and comprehensive facts about chronic diseases in the United States.

Un informe describe diversos medicamentos nuevos en desarrollo para combatir la epidemia de diabetes que afecta a más de 30 millones de estadounidenses

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Desde el año 2000, las compañías miembro de PhRMA han invertido más de medio billón de dólares en la búsqueda de nuevos tratamientos y curas, incluidos cerca de 58 mil ochocientos millones de dólares, solo en 2015.

Some Health Insurance Exchange Plans Put All Treatments for Certain Diseases on Top Cost-Sharing Tier

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

The Affordable Care Act is supposed to provide Americans – including those with serious medical conditions – the opportunity to purchase meaningful and affordable health insurance.

Clinical Trial Data Transparency

PhRMA  |  Fact Sheet

Clinical trial data transparency has multiple elements, all of which are aimed at improving access to clinical trial information in order to inform medical decision-making, advance scientific discovery and accelerate development of new treatments to benefit patients.

Ask About Adherence: New resources from The Medication Adherence Alliance

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Features include: Patient and Provider Toolkits: Including a variety of products patients and providers can use to encourage medication adherence; Adherence Facts: Key information for all members of the health care community; Promising Practices: A compilation of current practices, as well as practices under development, that aim to help patients remain adherent; and Research Compendium: Consisting of original research, reviews and meta-analyses and commentaries.

ICYMI: New cholesterol-lowering medicines will not be “budget busters”

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

We saw a similar narrative play out last year when Express Scripts and other payers claimed new hepatitis C treatments with cure rates of more than 90 percent would be unsustainable and that “the burden will fall upon individual patients and federal governments, and payers, who will have to balance access and affordability in a way they never have had to before.

Medicare Monday: More Medicines in Development for Older Americans

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

We must continue to support robust biopharmaceutical research and development to find new treatments and cures for patients, including those who have serious unmet medical needs.

Innovation Comes From Companies of All Sizes

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

However, for all of their successes, these companies are vulnerable to an uncertain policy and regulatory environment - ever-changing new laws and regulations at the state and federal levels that undervalue medical advances.

Vaccines: A History Of Improving Health

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

America's biopharmaceutical research companies are developing nearly 400 new vaccines and other medicines to treat infectious diseases.

Mark Elliot

PhRMA  |  Biography

Before entering the private sector, Elliot held a number of policy and media affairs roles within the Australian Federal Government and the New South Wales State Government for nearly ten years.

2017 Research & Hope Awards: Award Winner Compilation

PhRMA  |  Video

The Research & Hope Awards illustrate how biopharmaceutical researchers and others in the innovation ecosystem work together to not only bring new medical advances to patients, but thwart deadly diseases through increased awareness, public health efforts and increased collaboration.

New report provides recommendations for securing and protecting IP

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Without the security of a strong IP system, biopharmaceutical researchers may not have the ability to explore new areas of medical innovation and unearth the findings that will lead to the treatments of tomorrow.

Over 900 Biotechnology Medicines in Development, Targeting More than 100 Diseases

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Innovative, targeted therapies offer enormous potential to address unmet medical needs of patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and many other serious diseases.

2015 Guiding Principle: Building on Our 2014 Focus on Patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

One of the most rewarding projects of the year was the “I’m Not Average” campaign, a series of moving videos highlighting the lives of Americans who are beating the odds thanks to unique, innovative treatments.

I'm Not Average: Matt May Have Cancer, but Cancer Doesn’t Have Him

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Matt’s story is part of PhRMA’s new campaign, I’m Not Average, to share inspirational stories from individuals about the powerful impact advances and innovations in cancer medicines have had on their lives.

In the Pipeline

PhRMA  |  From PhRMA

Biopharmaceutical research has revolutionized medical treatment decisions in the last few decades, and we're not slowing down.

Supporting Our Colleagues' National Service

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Mullen has worked with National Disaster Medical System, including a deployment to Haiti as part of America's earthquake relief efforts.

Medicare Monday: Protecting Beneficiaries Who Receive Extra Help

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Proponents of this idea say it is intended to increase use of generic medicines, however even MedPAC has noted that generic drug use among Part D enrollees – including beneficiaries receiving Extra Help – is already high.

Ask About Adherence: PhRMA Foundation Young Investigator Adherence Grant Program

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

But, this week we are straying from our regular format to announce that the PhRMA Foundation has awarded four research grants as part of its Young Investigator Adherence Grant Program.–-phrma-foundation-young-investigator-adherence-grant-program

PhRMA Statement About Accessing Online Health Information - 2009

PhRMA  |  Press Release

“PhRMA hopes that our proposals help to advance the conversation about how to best communicate the benefits and risks of medical products in new, online media.

Nearly 200 Medicines in Development for Arthritis and Related Disorders, The Nation’s Most Common Cause of Disability

PhRMA  |  Press Release

  “Globally, millions of patients and healthcare professionals hope for better treatments to help ease the pain and suffering caused by arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J.

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