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Medicare Plan Finder Is a Tool for Beneficiaries to Help Make Part D Plan Selections Each Year

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Beneficiary choice of plans is a key feature of Part D’s competitive structure.

Medicare Monday: Looking back at the success of Part D in its first 10 years

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And the generic utilization rate for Part D beneficiaries has steadily increased each year, from 84 percent in 2013 to 86 percent in 2015.

New Report: Past Drug Failures Help Create the War on Cancer’s Next Successes

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Research has shown that cancer is actually a set of more than 200 extremely complex diseases and discovering medicines that effectively treat each one is a difficult task.

Medicare Monday: Study finds mortality rates for elderly have decreased every year since creation of Part D

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Today, the Part D program is helping more than 40 million seniors live longer, healthier lives.

Consumers Will Pay More Out Of Pocket Next Year For Specialty Drugs

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Increasingly, health plans –including those offered to people with job-based coverage – require hefty payments, sometimes 20 to 40 percent or more of the total cost of medications that insurers classify as specialty drugs.

Winning the War Against Counterfeiters

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Like in our Conversations series, views represented here may not be those of PhRMA, though they are no less key to a healthy dialogue on issues in health care today.

Policy Solutions

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Modernizing Drug Discovery, Development and Approval We need to modernize the FDA to keep pace with scientific discovery and to enable a more competitive, innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

Medicare Monday: Another example of the competitive market at work in Part D

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The higher annual percentage increase in the last couple years was attributed in part to the availability of new hepatitis C treatments.

Average Beneficiary Premiums Are Far Below Original Estimates

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Modest increases in premiums are going to make medications more affordable to Medicare beneficiaries, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Past free trade agreements provide valuable lessons for future success

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President Obama’s 2016 trade agenda will be the centerpiece of a hearing later this month, as well as a prime opportunity to bring up the lack of past trade agreement implementation.

Medicare Monday: Negotiation in Medicare Part D works

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Rebates were also substantial in the antidepressants class which is a protected class in Medicare Part D; those rebates averaged around 34 percent.

Lung-MAP Demonstrates Real Change in Cancer Research and Care Possible through Collaboration

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The study has only just begun, but Lung-MAP has already successfully demonstrated that when leaders from all sectors collaborate to solve problems in cancer research and care, real change can happen.

Yep, Obamacare Costs a Fortune

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Some background: The metal levels refer to how consumers are charged. For a bronze plan, the insurer is meant to cover 60 percent of the cost of essential health care, on average, leaving beneficiaries to cover th...

PhRMA Statement on AARP Report

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“AARP’s report is misleading because nearly half of the drugs on its top 25 brand-name drug list were filled as generics in the first part of 2010, but AARP counts these drugs as if they were brand-name drugs.

Medicare Monday: Increased rebate levels in Part D show robust negotiation continues

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Learn more about Part D at

PhRMA Prescription Drug Abuse Position Paper

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However, prescription medicines can cause negative health consequences if they are used inappropriately and not as intended.

PhRMA Supports President’s Commission’s Holistic Approach on Opioid Crisis

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Using PDMPs has proven to be an effective way to identify potential doctor shoppers and to foster appropriate prescribing but only when they are used and provide relevant data.

Never Too Late to Plan for Retirement

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All of which is to say, it is never too late to start planning your financial future or to think about what we can all do to try and minimize the adverse effects that bad health - like a chronic disease - may have on our life and finances.

Exchange Plan Transparency

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In our whiteboard video, we explain more about exchange plan transparency and what you can do until more information like this is available.

Paying for Outcomes in Medicine:

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For patients, these arrangements can offer important benefits -- medicines that work best for them and, often, reduced patient costs.

National Drug Take Back Day

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Like we stated before, law enforcement oversight is needed and programs should be structured to prevent theft or diversion of unused medication and protect patient privacy.

A Day In The Life

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Learn more about some of our biopharmaceutical scientists themselves, about their day-to-day lives and how they are inspiring the next generation of biopharmaceutical scientists.

340B: Past and Present

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When it was created in 1992, 340B was envisioned as a small program however insufficient guidance, historically weak oversight, and other factors have led to dramatic program growth, driven by the participation of large hospitals in the 340B program.

Meet the Chart Pack

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For now, flip through the Chart Pack and see what else you can find.

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