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Nuevos Informes Destacan el Aumento de la Competencia Global en I + D Biofarmacéutica, Planteando Desafíos Significativos para la Futura Posición de Estados Unidos

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"Si miramos hacia el futuro, vemos que las compañías biofarmacéuticas innovadoras de nuestra nación están comprometidas a asociarse con escuelas de todos los niveles en todo el país para desarrollar la próxima generación de científicos, ingenieros y técnicos que son críticos para avanzar en nuevos tratamientos y curas", añadió la Dra.

Samantha Budd, PhD

PhRMA  |  Biography

Samantha has a BSc and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee in Scotland, and conducted research at the Neurosurgery Department, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, and The Center for Neuroscience Research at The Burnham Institute in San Diego.

Consumers Still Pay Bigger Share For Healthcare Than Government And Businesses

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And 23% of income for the median household was needed to pay premiums for family coverage in 2013, up from 21% in 2010.

Lung-MAP: Personalized Medicine is Driving a New Clinical Research Paradigm

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Lung-MAP (Lung Cancer Master Protocol) uses genomic profiling to match patients to specific investigational personalized medicines, all under one umbrella study.

Drug Quality and Security Act and Drug Compounding Backgrounder

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The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) was signed into law in 2013, following the tragic national outbreak of fungal meningitis which killed 64 people and infected more than 750 others, impacting patients in at least 23 states.

Medicare Monday: What is ASP?

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In a future post, we will explore the effect of sequestration, which reduced Medicare reimbursement for Part B covered drugs to ASP+4.3 percent.

Medicare Monday: Billing code basics for biologics in Part B

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Learn more about Medicare Part B at

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Medicare Monday: Medicare Part D by the numbers

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And another recent study found that mortality rates for the elderly have decreased every year since the Part D program was implemented in 2006.

Medicare Monday: Catch up on MedPAC and its Part B recommendations

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Put Part B spending on medicines into perspective and learn the facts.

Medicare Monday: New research finds trends in Average Sales Price of Part B drugs remains stable

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By looking at the larger picture, you can get a more accurate look at drug cost trends.

Why Do Patients Have to Pay Thousands of Dollars in Prescription Medicine Costs Before Coverage Begins?

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New PwC report finds medicine spending still small share of health spending, concerns may trigger ‘false alarms’

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” In addition, HRI projects that continued aggressive negotiations by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) will further control costs and that when there is competition among medicines in a class, PBMs can negotiate more significant discounts and rebates.

Understanding Medicare Part B Pocket Card

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Medicare Part B covers physician office visits, outpatient care, ambulance services and medical equipment.

Patient Assistance

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Learn more about PPA by visiting

Medicare Part D: Then & Now

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ICYMI: Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Say TPP Should Protect Medical Innovation

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Any trade deal “has to protect the fruits of innovation in the information economy,” the Journal finishes.

Negotiators Must Say “Aloha” to a 21st Century Trade Deal

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As negotiators embark upon this pivotal week, they must keep in mind the role innovation will play in the future global economy.

Medicare Monday: Positive impact of Part D on America’s seniors

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Learn more about Medicare Part D at

Many Patients with Exchange Coverage to Pay More than Twice As Much Out Of Pocket for Prescriptions Compared to Employer Plans

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The firm has consulting practices in healthcare, property & casualty insurance, life insurance and financial services, and employee benefits.

Medicare Plan Finder Is a Tool for Beneficiaries to Help Make Part D Plan Selections Each Year

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Beneficiary choice of plans is a key feature of Part D’s competitive structure.

Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD

PhRMA  |  Biography

Dhurandhar has received research funding from the NIH, American Diabetes Association, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other non-profit or commercial funding sources, has published over 100 scientific articles, and book chapters, and served as a mentor or advisor for several students and postdoctoral fellows.

Glenn J. Gormley, MD, PhD

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He has remained committed to the fields of clinical pharmacology and endocrinology and published many papers of original research.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance Celebrates Five Year Anniversary and Launch of ‘PPA 2.0’

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“As a patient who must cope every day with the effects of diabetes, I understand only too well the importance of having access to the medicine you need.”

Some Health Insurance Exchange Plans Put All Treatments for Certain Diseases on Top Cost-Sharing Tier

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This report is evidence that for many, that opportunity has not been realized.

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