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Medicare Monday: How government price setting in Part D could reduce innovation, shorten life expectancy for beneficiaries

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The study adds to a large body of evidence that shows patients could lose out under these short-sighted proposals.

Exploring the new era of medicine

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Hosted by The Atlantic and underwritten by America’s biopharmaceutical companies, the event features three panel discussions focused on breakthroughs in modern medicine and the investments needed for future innovation.

Robert Zirkelbach

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He is a graduate of Central College (IA) where he studied communications, business, and public policy.

Research in Ohio

PhRMA  |  Research In Your Backyard

Clinical trial work is good business for the state’s medical schools and clinical research centers and the medicines being tested are often cutting-edge cell and protein treatments with the potential to be safer and more effective than older chemical compound drugs.

New Report Shows Over 3,200 Clinical Trials of Medicines Conducted by Indiana Research Institutions Since 1999

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The findings also show that research institutions in Indiana are conducting clinical trials of new medicines in collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies, including: Cancer Care Center Inc., New Albany Central Indiana Cancer Centers, Carmel, Fishers, Indianapolis Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, Indianapolis Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis Oncology Hematology Associates of Southwest Indiana, Evansville, Newburgh Lafayette Regional Vein and Laser Center, Lafayette Deaconess Hospital-The Heart Group, Evansville Premier Healthcare, Bloomington For a listing of all clinical trials recruiting patients and their locations in Indiana, consult the appendix of the “Research in Your Backyard” report, which can be found at

Senior Manager of End User Support

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We are committed to supporting our family of professionals at PhRMA and strive to create programs that help our team members manage the challenges of balancing a fast-paced career with their own personal goals.

Health Care Communications

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Click here for a fact sheet on the importance of data-driven information sharing with health care professionals and payers

PhRMA Statement on Presidential Commission on the Opioid Abuse Epidemic

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Last year, PhRMA released a comprehensive set of policy recommendations to help curb prescription drug abuse and promote appropriate use of prescription medicines.

Fact Check Friday: The truth about Industry’s role in R&D

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” The paper went on to say that, “While the basic science underpinning the key disciplines needed to discover and develop drugs is often initiated in academia, it is primarily the biopharmaceutical industry where the crucial disciplines of medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and formulation, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and safety sciences are practiced at a scale and level of integration necessary in order to bring a new medicine to the patients that need them.

Nearly 400 Medicines and Vaccines In Development to Fight Infectious Diseases

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Increasing attention is also being paid to “super bugs,” like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), that have spread throughout the world.

National Drug Take Back Day

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  For more information on proper disposal, visit

#pass4prostate: Tackling Prostate Cancer through Awareness, Research

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As a former rugby player and a strong advocate for improving the lives of the patients we serve, I’m particularly thrilled to be joining these two passions in a program that is both fun and impactful.

A Comparative Analysis of the Role and Impact of Health Technology Assessment

PhRMA  |  Report

It is generally agreed that HTA has the potential to assist payers in making informed decisions about allocating resources (including expenditure on medicines) in the health system.

India and Intellectual Property

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Indeed, by some estimates, the Mumbai area's GDP per capita is higher than Hungary's.

MyOldMeds Campaign Launches in Massachusetts

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“Too many lives are being lost in the Commonwealth as a result of the opioid epidemic and opportunities to bring stakeholders together to build public awareness and encourage action are just one step we can take to curb this tragedy,” said Governor Baker.

ICYMI: New survey finds most patients unaware of clinical pathways

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As health care payers seek to transition to new, value-based payment models, clinical pathways are one strategy payers and providers are using in their efforts to contain costs and promote evidence-based care.

PhRMA, Families USA Jointly Promote Measures To Ensure Quality, Affordable Healthcare Coverage

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In addition, later this month, the groups intend to launch a television ad campaign around the country.

Christopher Viehbacher Continues as PhRMA Board Chair; John Lechleiter, Robert Hugin Assume New Posts

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“As the head of a growing biopharmaceutical research company, I understand all too well how policy, regulatory and market fluctuations can pose significant challenges to the work that we do,” said Mr.

PhRMA Elects Four New Members to Board of Directors

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Gruhn has made it his personal and professional mission to help advance diabetes care through awareness, prevention, education and policy changes.

Guest Contributor: Debra of America on Epidermolysis Bullosa

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A great example was a young woman with EB who started a disability advisory panel at her college.

Chart Pack: Value of Personalized Medicine

PhRMA  |  Report

Data and information found in this publication were drawn from a wide range of sources,  including government agency reports, peer?

Ask About Adherence: Q&A with RxEconomics LLC

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And, even though current payers may not reap those future rewards, a societal perspective may lead to a more efficient allocation of resources.

Medicare Monday: Looking back at the success of Part D in its first 10 years

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The program has been a success for these beneficiaries, as well as taxpayers.

Medicare Monday: Why imposing Medicaid-style rebates in Part D is a bad idea

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Those who support this policy frequently overlook the robust competition and negotiation that already exists in the program.

The Time Has Arrived for Patent Reform

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With so much at stake, I recently testified before the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet in my role as President of the Intellectual Property Owners Association to encourage Congress to secure proper funding for the U.S.

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