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Lori Reilly to Lead PhRMA Policy & Research Department

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Reilly has worked at PhRMA for 13 years, serving as Vice President of Policy and Research at PhRMA for the last 8 years.

PhRMA Statement on Medicare Rights Center and Social Security Works Medicare Paper

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Washington, D.C. (July 23, 2014) — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Senior Vice President, Communications, Robert Zirkelbach issued the following statement: “Finding viable solutions to contain Medicare costs is critically important, but imposin...

ICYMI - The Economists’ Voice: Are biopharmaceutical budget caps good public policy?

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

In the piece, economists at the University of Southern California and Precision Health Economics argue that arbitrary budget caps violate five important principles of health policy and make decisions based on short-term value, which can be detrimental to patient health

Leukemia & Lymphoma Research Panel Discussion

PhRMA  |  Video

PhRMA hosted a live panel discussion to discuss the exciting research underway, potential challenges to future progress and the importance of partnerships in medical innovations.

ICYMI: Policy solutions for delivering innovative treatments to patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be exploring these policy solutions further.

Global Biopharmaceutical Industry Signs New Policy Partnership Agreement with Government of Algeria To Develop Innovative Medicines Sector

PhRMA  |  Press Release

San Diego (25 June 2014)—Representative of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with theNational Pharmaceutical Products Control Laboratory of Algeria, setting out a new framework for partnership on polic...

Case Study in Manufacturer-Payer Negotiations: Hepatitis C Medicines

Chartpack  |  From Our Network


Panel releases best practices in cost-effectiveness analysis

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

According to the panel, it may be necessary to consider an analysis from a specific point of view, such as that of a payer or a patient.

PhRMA Announces Major Commitment to Address the Opioid Crisis in America

PhRMA  |  Press Release

In addition to announcing the partnership with the Forum, PhRMA also released an expanded set of policy proposals to aggressively tackle the many drivers of the crisis.

New Research Highlights Gaps in Quality Measures for Cancer Patients

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

This weekend marked the start of the annual meeting of The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).  This year’s meeting, which features a theme of “Innovation and Illumination,” highlights the exciting progress we’re making in treating cancer, as well as the growing interest in new “value-b...

Principles for Value Assessment Frameworks

PhRMA  |  Codes & Guidelines

Use rigorous methods and make them transparent to researchers and users: Methods for assessing value should be grounded in sound, recognized methods and be subject to meaningful and rigorous peer review.

NAFTA tribunal fails to rule on Canada’s patent utility doctrine

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

As such, the tribunal did not need to consider the inconsistency of Canada’s patent utility doctrine with its international obligations, let alone whether the policy is good for Canada.

Powerful Purchasers Negotiate on Behalf of Payers

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Delivering Medical Innovation in a Value-Based World

PhRMA  |  Report

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) convened 21 leaders across the health care system including life sciences companies, health plans, providers, academics, non-profits, and patient groups in fall 2015 to discuss how VBC influences i...

PhRMA Statement on Peer Education Programs

PhRMA  |  Press Release

(October 21, 2010) — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) President and CEO John Castellani [bio] today issued the following statement on peer education programs conducted by physicians on behalf of pharmaceutical research companies: “Peer-to peer-information exchange improves the health of patients by providing physicians with practical knowledge and experience from their peers in using new and existing medicines.

Harnessing the power of real-world evidence to benefit patients through PDUFA VI

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

This type of data can come from a variety of sources, including physician electronic health records, payer administrative claims or patient registries.

Fact Check Friday: Communications with Payers

PhRMA  |  Fact Sheet

Biopharmaceutical companies can freely communicate with payers about a medicine ahead of the medicine’s approval by the FDA or about unapproved indications for approved medicines.

ICYMI: Innovative payment models helping provide patient access to new medicines

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

The biopharmaceutical industry is committed to advancing policy ideas to find innovative ways to pay for medicines.

Policy Solutions to Foster Innovation and Access to Personalized Medicines: Discovery

Chartpack  |  From Our Network

Policies must ensure an environment that provides strong intellectual property protections, advances the science, provides adequate research funding, and encourages STEM training....

PhRMA Statement on the United Nations High Level Panel Report on Access to Medicines

PhRMA  |  Press Release

“The UN High Level Panel (HLP) on Access to Medicines was a missed opportunity to address the wide array of barriers to access that far too many people face every day.

The Value Collaborative

PhRMA  |  From PhRMA

View reports, comment letters, fact sheets and codes and guidelines explaining policy and regulatory changes that can help advance value-driven health care.

Ask About Adherence: Q&A with The Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

  The growth in value-based insurance designs suggests that payers are beginning to soften that stance, but more work needs to be done to identify where the greatest savings can be obtained.

Policy Solutions to Foster Innovation and Access to Personalized Medicines: Development

Chartpack  |  From Our Network

Policies must ensure a clear and transparent regulatory framework for the development of personalized medicine technologies, and work to capture larger and more diverse forms of data....

10 Years Later: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

 It was a privilege for me to return home to New Orleans for several years after the storm to participate in the recovery first hand and work for the State of Louisiana through later storms where improved coordination was evident.

Medicare Monday: A discussion on affordability and access to medicines

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

“Older adults with diabetes who were adherent to their medicines saved an average of $5,170 per year compared to non-adherent beneficiaries, according to Roebuck in the .org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?

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