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Our team at PhRMA seeks proactive, confident and action-oriented individuals who are passionate about supporting medical progress for patients and solving the health care challenges we face today. Check out our current employment opportunities below.  ...

Biopharmaceutical companies reaffirm commitment to patients in updated Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and Communication of Clinical Trial Results

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Today marks another milestone in this commitment, as we announce the inclusion of Principles on Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs in our Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and Communication of Clinical Trial Results.

PhRMA Statement on the Sunshine Act and the Public Release of the Open Payments Database

PhRMA  |  Press Release

(September 30, 2014) — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) associate general counsel, John Murphy, issued the following statement regarding the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) public release of the Open Payments database – a database established through the Physician Payments Sunshine Act included in the Affordable Care Act.


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Information displayed here has been compiled from a variety of public and independent sources and is intended to serve as a useful guide in conversations about the value of biopharmaceuticals in government programs.

340B: Past and Present

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When it was created in 1992, 340B was envisioned as a small program however insufficient guidance, historically weak oversight, and other factors have led to dramatic program growth, driven by the participation of large hospitals in the 340B program....

Uninsured Rate Is Dropping, Yet Participation in 340B Retail Pharmacy Program Is Growing

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The number of contract pharmacy arrangements has increased dramatically as the percentage of individuals without drug coverage has fallen. ...

How 340B Discounts Work

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Manufacturers provide 340B hospitals with discounted medicines, who then provide the medicines to patients, and then insurers reimburse the hospitals at a full negotiated rate and the hospital keeps the difference as profit....

Hospitals and Grantees Have Different Requirements for Use of 340B

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Grantees eligible for 340B on the basis of a federal grant use revenue from 340B and other sources to help vulnerable patients. Unlike grantees, hospitals face no such requirements....

Most 340B Hospitals Provide Little to Below Average Levels of Charity Care

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Sixty-nine percent of 340B hospitals report charity care levels below the national average of 3.3%; 24% report levels below 1% of total costs....

No Meaningful Standards to Ensure Disproportionate Share Hospitals Are Providing Care to Low-Income Patients

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Nonpublic hospitals must meet criteria that show they have been formally delegated governmental powers by a state or local government or have a contract to provide care to low-income or uninsured patients. ...

Brand Prescription Drugs Account for Approximately 3% of Total Medicaid Spending

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Medicaid spending totaled $449.4 billion in 2013, but brand prescription medicines accounted for a small amount....

VA Price Controls

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Drug manufacturers are subject to statutory price controls for medicines sold to the “Big Four” government agencies: the VA, US Department of Defense, US Public Health Service and US Coast Guard.

States Limit Access to Prescription Medicines in Medicaid

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Nearly all states use preferred drug lists, and 16 states limit the number of prescriptions that beneficiaries can fill each month....

How Entities Qualify to Participate in 340B

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The 340B designation applies to hospitals or clinics, which may claim steep discounts on outpatient drugs dispensed to all patients regardless of whether the patients are insured or uninsured....

340B Can Increase Revenue for Hospitals Purchasing Physician Practices While Raising Health Care Costs

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340B hospitals are more likely than other hospitals to purchase independent physician offices that administer medicines. This may be partially due to 340B hospitals’ ability to gain additional revenue through 340B discounts by reclassifying the physician practice as a hospital outpatient site. ...

Average Sales Price Is an Effective Pricing Mechanism for Part B

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ analysis of the Average Sales Price pricing mechanism found that for most higher volume drugs prices changed 2% or less....

Prescription Drugs Are Projected to Be a Small Share of Medicaid Spending Through 2023

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In 2013, Medicaid drug spending, including brands and generics, was $21.2 billion, while total Medicaid spending was $449.4 billion....

2017 State of Vaccines

PhRMA  |  Report

Vaccines represent some of the most important public health advances, helping to prevent the spread of many infectious diseases and, in many parts of the world, eliminating some of the most devastating conditions.

Treatment Adherence Improved for Veterans After Enrolling in Part D

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Beneficiaries whose primary drug coverage was through the VA in 2003 and through Part D in 2006 reported lower rates of non-adherence to therapy after enrolling in Part D....

Current Hospital Eligibility Criteria Do Not Match Program Goals

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In 2014, 45% of all Medicare acute care hospitals participated in 340B....

Medicaid Price Controls

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Price controls in Medicaid are manifested through the rebate program. ...

Current Part B Drug Reimbursement Methodology Is Average Sales Price + 6%

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Current Part B medicine reimbursement methodology is averages sales prices in addition to a 6% add-on payment. ...

Prescription Drug Share of Part B Expenditures

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Program spending on prescription medicines accounted for about 8% of Part B spending in 2012....

Large Hospitals Are Significantly More Likely to Expand Use of 340B Through Large Networks of Retail Pharmacies

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Although the original intent of the contract pharmacy program was to help small clinics without their own in-house pharmacy, large hospitals are now more likely than small clinics to have large networks of contract pharmacies....

Patients Facing High Cost Sharing Commonly Abandon Their Medicines

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Patients taking medicines on a specialty tier, such as medicines to treat rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, face high out-of-pocket expenses and often abandon their medicines.   ...

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